What is


The best way to explain Writer’s Block is it is a play on words.


You see the term ‘Writer’s Block’ is when a Writer reaches a mental block within their own literary creation. This internal affliction can affect a writer in many ways, whether it’s right at the start of their writing journey as they try to come up with new and exciting ideas for their soon-to-be bestseller. Or it could be towards the end as they try to figure out what happens next in their fantasy world.


For most writers this is a negative term as they struggle to find a way to cure their condition. But as three friends going through the same mental warfare we would like to turn this notion into a positive one.


We wanted to create a physical Writer’s Block in order to help Writers develop and grow their ideas, and the best way to do that is through the love of books. We aim to create a bookshop with the main goal of nurturing the creativity that dwells within us. After all, we believe that everyone has a story they just need a little bit of encouragement to bring it out.


Speaking of encouragement, we also wanted to create a place for Writers to share their stories with each other, which we aim to achieve by weekly meetup events with our partners the Social Geek. We aim to host a variety of events ranging from Book clubs to Critic Circles to Writing classes—Anything that will help continue that growth, that development of creativity. But we will also host some fun events along the way such as a couple of Games Nights and maybe even one or two Speed dating events.


This brings us to our last goal, and that is to create a community of both writers and readers to continue our pursuit of creativity. This is what we believe is lacking from the heart of the city, as most bookshops focus on their products and not on their customers. This is also what’s lacking from most Writers and that is a safe space, that oasis where they can be comfortable asking for help or advice on their writing.


So if you are a struggling writer looking for guidance, an overzealous reader looking for a hidden gem, or you just want to make some new friends who love books just as much as you do.


Then come and visit the Writer’s Block today.