Frequently  Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

Monday - Wednesday: 9am - 5pm
Thursday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm(Open late only for events)
Sunday: 10am - 3pm

What is your refund policy?
It depends on what you want to refund.


If it is for an event then yes we offer a refund as long as you let us know about your cancellation 24 hours before the start of the event.


As for books and miscellaneous products sold within the store. If there is a fault or misprint to the item then we can replace it for you at no charge. 

However, if you want to return a book and it has not been damaged and you have a receipt then we can offer a voucher with the same value of the book you’re returning. The voucher can be used for any purchases within the store including events and is valid for 12 months from date of exchange.


Do you sell books online?
As of this moment no. We believe that it would go against our goal of making a bookstore for the community, by the community.


What do I do if I have multiple 'Writer's Block' cards, would I still be able to get my discounts? 
Discounts are represented by stamps.


Red stamps represent our '10-4-10' discount which is if you buy ten books from the store(excluding used/secondhand book) you will be awarded a stamp for each book brought. Once you've collected 10 red stamps you will get a 10% discount on your next purchase in the store.

Blue stamps represent out 'Golden Ticket' discount which is if you spend more than 10 hours using the store’s facilities you will be awarded a stamp for each hour spent at the store. Once you've collected 10 stamps you will get free admission to one of our events(Excluding writing classes and speed dating events).


Red and Blue stamps do not stack you must get ten red or ten blue stamps for the discounts. If you have multiple cards with different coloured stamps we can merge them together on to one card.


I forgot to get the stamps for my purchases, would I be able to get them if I bring in a receipt?
Unfortunately no. the receipts won't give us any evidence that stamps may or may not have been awarded beforehand, therefore we will not issue stamps after a sale.


We will aim to avoid this by reminding the staff about offering cards to customers for every purchase.



Do you take Booksellers tokens?
Unfortunately no, we are not a member of Booksellers New Zealand.



Do you take orders?

Yes, but we only take order in-store and you must put down a deposit beforehand.