• Chris

OneShot: A Solo Dungeons & Dragons Storytelling Adventure.

I am a huge fan of Dungeons and Dragons but I wasn’t very good at the roleplay side of things even though the whole point of Dungeons and Dragons is the roleplay. I mean it’s called an RPG, without the RP it would just be G… Anyway, what I liked the most about Dungeons and Dragons was the storytelling aspect. Where the Dungeon Master would create these epic tales only to get blindsided by the crazy antics of their players, ultimately derailing the entire campaign.

I loved that and I don’t think a lot of channels or streams focus on that side of D&D and so I thought I’d give it a try. So welcome to OneShot a Solo D&D Storytelling Adventure where I write down the actions of my character in Roll20 as if I was writing a novel. Ultimately the game is played like a typical D&D campaign with a few exceptions.

First is Rory's Story Cubes, this is a fun little game that I use to help me generate ideas for my own stories and I thought I’d use them in this one as well. I haven’t figured out exactly how I will use them but I have given myself three basic rules so far.

  1. Use a single die to determine how a character or NPC will react to another character/NPC or an event.

  2. An event or unplanned chapter will be determined by three dice rolls.

  3. If I physically mention what is on the dice, my characters get inspiration.

Second is the Mythic GM Emulator Fate Chart which will be used to keep the flow of the story by determining how likely the action or event could happen in my story.

Over 25% - Highly likely

Over 50% - Average

Over 75% - Highly unlikely

I attempt to explain the rules I made up in our session zero along with introducing the main characters and the world they live in. While the other is our very first session where I write down how our lovely main characters meet for the first time along with their crazy antics—which judging by the fact the first chapter is called Tavern Brawl there are quite a few antics.

Anyway here is the edited version of the first chapter for you to read and I will post all of my chapters on here for your entertainment so you can attempt to follow along as I try and fail to make words work, hence why it is edited.

So the writing in the video above will be different to the chapter below but you can still comment on if you liked or disliked the changes. In the end, this is all for fun and a chance to improve my writing so any constructive criticism would be awesome.

Chapter 1 –Tavern Brawl

The clatter of wooden doors forced the once jovial conversations and light entertainment of the Ivory Flute Tavern to a halt, as the patrons watched the infamous bounty hunter known as Obsidian Kane make his way across the room. But with a quick glance of his silvery grey eyes, emphasized by the hood of his fur-lined cloak, the inhabitants quickly returned to their drinks—reminding Obsidian why he was there in the first place.

He quickly made his way to the counter, removing his hood in the process as he revealed a worn-out face, unsure if it was due to time or to war as an equally worn-out suit of military armour flashed under the cloak. Which he moved aside with a wave so he could take a seat right in front of the bartender cleaning a few empty tankards.

“An ale, Landir.” Obsidian paused as the large dwarf with unkempt blond hair spat into the bottom of the tankard, before polishing the wooden interior with his stained apron. “Preferably in a mug cleaned by your wife.”

“What’s wrong with the way I clean my mugs?” The dwarf said as he peered into the bottom of the small wooden barrel now giving off a dull shine.

(Protective of his wife when Obsidian is involved)

“I would like my ale without an aftertaste of pig fat,” Obsidian smiled past the dwarf to the small elf coming into view, after being hidden by spiced vapours pouring out of a large pot of stew held in her hands.

“See I told you Landir,” the elven woman heaved as she placed the pot on the counter. Then with a comb of her short brown hair, painting it with a thin layer of grease she reached for a few of the tankards. Peering into each one until a smile revealed that she had found one that didn’t give off that illustrious polish.

(Family relationship with Obsidian)

“I haven’t gotten any complaints so far,” Landir scowled as he ladled the new pot of stew into a pair of bowls.

“Here you go, Obsidian,” the elven woman ignored Landir as she beamed at the man.

“Thanks Meri,” Obsidian said as he placed a silver coin on the counter.

“You should really stop paying so much,” Meri sighed as she placed the coin in her apron pocket. “People might get the wrong idea.”

“Consider it payment for such great serv—”

“Are you Obsidian Kane?” A lyrical voice echoed behind Obsidian, forcing him to turn towards what looked to be a blinding light. But after a few blinks, his eyes began to adjust to the hues, revealing a majestic elven woman veiled in white. As snow-swept hair flowed around a pale frame supported by revealing armour as if she was a statue carved out of the finest marble.

(Ellervine has a mission for Obsidian)

“Not interested,” Obsidian said as he returned to his drink.

“N-Not interested?” the woman exclaimed as she took a seat next to Obsidian. “At least hear me out first.”

“Fine, you have until I finish my drink,” Obsidian said as he took a large gulp of the amber liquid.

“That’s more than enough,” the young woman beamed at him as she pulled out her backpack, somewhat hidden by her white mane. She quickly rummaged through the content until she found a tattered piece of parchment, which she slammed on to the counter to reveal a map of Gothrasea. “My name is Lady Ellervine and I need your help getting to the Silent Forest.”

“How much are you willing to pay?”

“A 100 gold.”

“Meri, does that sound reasonable to you?” Obsidian shouted over the counter to the woman, handing over bowls of stew to wandering waitress.

“Obsidian I’m kind of busy at the moment,” Meri snapped.

“Sorry, but do you know about the Silent Forest?” Obsidian said.

“Yeah what about it?” Meri smiled as she peered over the elven map, more a work of art decorated with ancient scripts, creating designs over the worn-out paper.

“This lovely lady is willing to pay me 100 gold to escort her to the Silent Forest, is that a reasonable offer?” Obsidian said.

“A 100 gold?” Meri chuckled as she ran a finger across the map. “That’s at least ten days travel by foot, you will be paid only ten gold a night when you could make that in a single day.”

“Sorry Lady Ellervine,” Obsidian said as he finished the rest of his ale. Then with a sigh, he wiped the foam off his matted grey beard while nudging his head to a rowdy group of elves singing and dancing, despite the scowls from the jesters on stage previously acting as the entertainment. “Why don’t you ask your fellow elves for help?”

“Ok wait, wait, how about 500 gold and another tankard of ale?” Ellervine shouted as she grabbed the man, stopping him as he was about to leave.

“500 gold?” Obsidian sat back down as he peered over the map and then back to Ellervine. “Did you say there was another ale as well?”

“Two ales please—”

“Make that three,” a rugged-looking elven woman embraced the two with a hug. Letting the two have a closer inspection of the woman’s defined musculature contained by short black hair, rose painted skin, and ale stained robes.

“Sorry we’re quite busy at the moment,” Ellervine said as she peeled the woman’s arm off her shoulder.

“Doesn’t look like it,” a thin elven man appeared behind the woman. His curly red hair and auburn chain mail emphasizing his own flushed features in a scarlet hue. “Your friend doesn’t seem to be interested but we are more than willing to help.”

“Yeah, we can take you to this Silent Forest or whatever,” the elven woman swayed.

“She asked me first,” Obsidian turned to reveal a notched crossbow in his hands. “So why don’t we let her decide?”

“Sorry but I’m going with Obsidian,” Ellervine bowed to the two intoxicated elves.

“That’s a shame,” the elven man sighed.

“Hey I know,” the elven woman clapped her hands as she beamed at the man behind her. “Why don’t we just take the gold?”

“You can try,” Obsidian spun around, using the momentum to pull out a short sword. Letting the blade arch out of its sheath and towards the elven woman.

But the elven woman was quick, jumping out of the way of the blade while unaware of the crossbow bolt shooting forward and into her shoulder. With a scream, she ripped out the bolt and charged forward using the projectile as a makeshift dagger. Which she buried into Obsidian’s chest just above the breastplate of his leather armour.

While the elven man focused on Ellervine, raising his hands to trace patterns in the air. Soon the patterns started to glow with a vibrant hue sending forth a beam of divine light over the young woman.

Ellervine cried out in pain as her pale skin started to blister in the radiant light. But she bared through it, raising her own hands towards the elven man with a flourish as a perfect orb of shifting colours appeared over her palm. Then the hues started to settle on a dull blue shooting out to create a shard of ice, tearing through a series of metal rings in the man’s chainmail.

“Oi, you lot stop this at once,” Landir shouted over the sudden battle, as drops of blood started to stain the wooden floor below. “Obsidian why are you always causing trouble?”

“What, I didn’t do anything?” Obsidian said, wrestling with the elven woman.

“Malta, Gena, get the guards,” Meri screamed, peeking her head out of the commotion to see the nearby waitress along with a few of the patrons pouring out of the tavern.

“Damnit, all I wanted was a drink,” Obsidian said as he pulled the woman closer, plunging his short sword under her ribcage and out through her back. The elven woman gasped as her body went limp, falling on the hilt while giving Obsidian a place to rest his crossbow, aiming it at the man behind her as he buried a bolt into his neck.

“Arwen no,” the man cried, holding one hand against the open wound, while the other moved his divine wrath to a new target. But as the arcane light hovered above Obsidian, he raised his hands to form a shimmering shield forcing the light to bounce off the defence.

“That’s why I chose you,” Ellervine whispered as she places a hand on his shoulder sending a pulse of energy across his form and toward the wound on his chest. He watched as the wound slowly started to coalesce, forcing him to look up to Ellervine now aiming her other hand at the man. As a spark of flames erupted out of her fingertips and towards the elf. But for some reason, she didn’t care if she hit. Her focus was on Obsidian as if she trusted him to finish a task she could not.

He didn’t know how long he had been staring, but it was enough time for the city watch to make their way into the tavern and towards the sudden battle. As one rushed over to Obsidian while the other reached the elven man in time to place a spear against his back.

“Obsidian what’s the meaning of this?” the nearby guard said.

(Guards respect Obsidian due to his experience)

“They started it, we were just enjoying our drinks when these drunks attacked us for no reason,” Obsidian said as he pulled out his blade, letting Arwen’s body fall with a thud, causing the elven man to sneer. Yet with a quick prod from the spear at his back the emotion reluctantly washed away.

“Is this true?” the guard said as he looked away from Obsidian to the elven man.

“No, they attacked us,” the man said.

“It’s true,” a female elf who was still seated at the nearby table picked herself up and made her way to the centre of the recent bar fight. “We were just sitting here enjoying the entertainment when all of a sudden those two attacked us.”

“That’s a lie,” Meri said almost climbing over the counter to burn her gaze into the woman. Who was somewhat unfazed as she continued to make her way towards the group while trying to hide the subtle hand gestures of a spell.

“Ok you’re coming with us as well,” the guard said as he moved closer to the woman with long white hair similar to Ellervine. But instead of white robes, hers was a dark blue with golden patterns, more like constellations wrapped around the petite frame.

“What, why didn’t that work?” the woman said as she studied her hands now being shackled with a pair of manacles.

“Enough of your tricks, let’s go,” the other guard said as he put away his spear and brought out his own pair of restraints, placing it around the elven man’s hands.

The two were quickly escorted out of the building. But not before giving one quick look to Obsidian and Ellervine, as the man continued to scowl while the woman offered more of a comforting smile. Then as the doors hid their faces with a familiar rattle, Obsidian returned to the elven woman next to him, so he could inspect her wounds.

“You were pretty good,” Obsidian said, finishing his examination of what looked to be a simple sunburn with a flick of his blade. Getting rid of the last specks of blood before placing the sword back in its sheath.

“You weren’t so bad yourself,” Ellervine smiled in an attempt to ignore her wounds.

“Uh um,” Meri coughed over the clatter of nearby doors opening up to let a new set of guards in, as they helped pick up the body of the deceased, now creating a trail of blood through the tavern. “Who do you think is going to clean up your m—”