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OneShot Session 3 Part 1: Crossroads

Updated: Jun 19

Hey, guys here is another OneShot post, not sure if people are watching these or not but I am enjoying making these. It helps me practise my writing skills which if you haven't already noticed I need a lot of practice.

Also in this chapter, I finally got to use the Story cubes for its second function. Mostly I've been using them to understand how characters or NPC's will interact with our adventurers. But another use is that they will generate the overall direction of a chapter when the adventurers are outside of towns and cities.

Anyway, it would be better to watch the video to find out how it works or you can read the edited version underneath.

Chapter 3 – Crossroads

(Someone or something is watching a nearby farm)

Obsidian yawned as he rested in the now-empty caravan making its way through the outskirts of Guliene. Light from Gaila and Zin, the two moons overhead shone through the open curtain, revealing their new travel companion Aremaya, asking Ellervine a series of questions.

(Aware of Ellervine’s Lineage)

“So how did you two lovebirds meet?” Aremaya smiled as she nudged the girl next to her.

“We’re not lovebirds; he’s just helping me as an escort,” Ellervine said.

“Ooooh, fancy, but I thought someone of your calibre would have more protection,” Aremaya said as her eyes returned to the dirt road. Creating a winding path through lush fields crawling through lush meadows, and over the rolling hills in the distance.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ellervine snapped as she turned to the tiefling.

“Oh, nothing,” Aremaya grinned. “At least I know that he’s still on the menu.”

“What’s on the menu?” Obsidian said, pulling back the curtain to reveal the two woman, somehow startled by the sudden arrival.

“N-Nothing,” Ellervine blushed as she turned away.

“So cute,” Aremaya winked, unsure if it was at Obsidian or at Ellervine.

“Well, maybe we could cook up one of those sheep over there?” Obsidian said as his eyes adjusted to the scenery or more his nose. Revealing the occasional farmland peeking out of the fields along with a variety of animals turning their heads to greet the new arrivals.

“No way are you out of your mind,” Ellervine said, pushing Obsidian back inside.

“What it’s only one sheep they won’t mind?” Obsidian said.

“Yeah, even I know that’s a bad idea,” Aremaya shook her head.

“Wait, I didn’t mean taking one by force; I meant like buying one.”

“Oh, actually, that might work.”

“What,” Ellervine said, jumping back into the conversation. “Are you guys serious?”

“Sure, why not,” Aremaya said as she pulled on the stirrups, turning the two horses and, in turn, the caravan towards an almost hidden dirt road leading to a quaint farmhouse. “Beats eating rations all day.”

“I like the way you think,” Obsidian said as he returned to the caravan to don his armour and weaponry.

“I like the way you look,” Aremaya purred as she gave a quick glance inside, peering through the curtain to see the man getting dress. But with a not so subtle cough from Ellervine, she returned to the road and the farmhouse growing in size the closer they got.

“What was that?” Obsidian said as he jumped outside once the caravan came to a halt in front of a wooden gate.

“I’ll tell you later,” Aremaya winked, forcing Obsidian to turn to Ellervine, who turned her head to avoid the apparent flirtation.

“Ok, let’s go,” Obsidian said as he made his way to the gate, only to be intercepted by an arrow, flashing past his face and into the caravan behind him with a twang.

“You thieving bastards get off my la—oh who are you?” a middle-aged woman with blond hair braided into a loose ponytail burst through the door, holding up a notch bow.

(Can offer protection)

“I see that you’ve had some trouble lately,” Obsidian said as he raised his hands.

“Yes, I’m sorry, someones been stealing from our farm lately, and I thought you were one of them,” the woman lowered her bow but still remained focused as she followed Aremaya, who was making her way around the caravan.

“I think it’s because of all the dark colours you wear,” Aremaya said, causing Ellervine to hold back a laugh.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” Obsidian said.

“Ah, miss…” Ellervine trailed off, waiting for their attacker to introduce herself.

“Audreyn,” the woman paused on Ellervine coming into view.

“Did you confuse him for one of those thieves because of what he is wearing?”

“Well, uh…”

“See,” Aremaya said, patting Obsidian on the back.

“Shut up,” Obsidian said as he lowered his hands.

“So these criminals still haven’t been caught?” Aremaya beamed as she ignored Obsidian. “Maybe we could come to an arrangement.”

“I don’t have anything to offer you?” Audreyn said, placing the bow over her back.

“How about a nice meal and a couple of drink if we deal with your little problem?” Ellervine said.

“You would do that for me, after what I did?” Audreyn said.

“Don’t worry, Obsidian probably gets that all the time,” Ellervine said.

“Well, yeah, that’s true,” Obsidian said as he gazed over the farm as beautiful oak trees created a fence around the neatly sectioned fields separating the livestock from the crops. Yet with his keen eyes, he could see hints of damage as splatters of blood staining the torn earth. “I assume they came from the forest over there?”

“Yeah, how did you know?” Audreyn said, giving him a cautious eye.

“Best hiding spot, given the location,” Obsidian said. “Shall we go have a look, ladies?”

“Sure,” Aremaya said as she made her way across the fields.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Ellervine said, nudging her head towards the restless horse still strapped to the caravan.

“Oh, could you look after them for me, please?”

“Sure, I’ll get my children to take them to the stables.”

“Thanks,” Aremaya said as she continued on her way through the fields, all the while muttering under her breath. “Damn, she had kids.”

“Is that all you ever think about?” Ellervine said, following close behind.

“What has she been thinking of?” Obsidian said.

“Are you that naïve?”

“How am I suppose to know what she’s thinking?”

“You can ask?” Aremaya said as they reached the edge of the forest, inspecting the bent grass and dried up blood, displaying hidden tracks.

“Ok, what are you thinking?” Obsidian said.

“I’d really like to sleep with that woman,” Aremaya sighed to herself.

“Oh, that’s what she’s been thinking,” Obsidian said as he followed behind Aremaya, now making her way into the forest but now keeping a little bit of distance between them.

“Don’t worry, I swing both ways?” Aremaya grinned as she turned to Obsidian, only to find that he had vanished from sight. “Hey, where did you go?”

“Don’t worry about him; let’s keep going,” Ellervine said as she continued past the tiefling, following the trail deeper and deeper into the woodland.

“I hope he’s not mad. I want to sleep with him as well,” Aremaya sighed, scanning the scenery as small glimpses of moonlight pierced through the green canopy above. But even with the rays of light, Obsidian remained hidden within the dancing shadows.

“Shhh,” Ellervine hissed as she dragged Aremaya behind a nearby tree.

“What is it?” Aremaya said

“I don’t know I just saw something.

“Let me have a look,”

“Wait don’t—”

Ellervine tried to stop Aremaya, but was merely dragged out along with her as they caught sight of a demonic creature as red skin drooped around skeletal features as if its flesh was melting right before their eyes. While its golden gaze pierced through the thicket and towards the two women out in the open.

The creature let out a guttural roar as it charged towards the two. Only to stop a few steps into its journey as a crossbow bolt, embedding itself into the back of its shoulder.

“Nice shot,” Aremaya said as she stepped forward to the surprise of Ellervine. Watching as the tiefling charged in, pulling out a longsword and shield along the way. Yet the hobgoblin was prepared for the upcoming assault as it simply stepped back to avoid the arching blade singing through the air.

Obsidian eyes started to glow a faint hue as the hobgoblin stepped back into view. He raised his crossbow, ready to shoot. Until moonlight bounced off of Aremaya’s blade and into his eyes, forcing the bolt to miss as it struck a nearby tree.

The hobgoblin ignored the attack from behind to focus on the tiefling in front, similar in design to it. But while its features were hideous and grotesque, hers was beautiful. It snarled at the sight with fists raised, each of which slamming into Aremaya’s armour, but with no effect. Until the last one flashed up into an uppercut, slamming into her chin.

As Aremaya staggered back, Ellervine came into view with a raised hand, now stained with vibrant flames. The fires streaked through the forest and into the hobgoblin coating it in dancing embers.

As the hobgoblin tried to pat out the flames, Aremaya used the opportunity to attack as she dragged her blade across the hobgoblin’s chest. The hobgoblin gasped as it fell to it's knees before finally collapsing with a thud.

“Quickly help me put out the flames,” Aremaya said as she patted away the remaining sparks with the help of Ellervine.

“Wait, it’s still alive?” Obsidian said, stepping out of the shadows.

“Yes, for now, we need to get some information first,” Aremaya said.

To be continued…

I'll finish this chapter in the next video thought it was a good place to stop since I think this will be a pretty long chapter as our adventurers find out the truth behind the recent thefts. So yeah I don't know when I film these anymore. This last video was filmed just after lunchtime on a Saturday I need to make a schedule and stick to it but I just write when I feel like it.

Maybe join my Twitch channel The Social Geek so you will be notified when I jump on and start writing. Or you can join our Youtube channel The Writer's Block and watch a shorter, edited version of the video.

Other than that hope you guys enjoy, and I'll see you at the next one.



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