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OneShot Session 3 Part 2: Crossroads

Welcome back to OneShot a lovely little place where I get to enjoy two of my favourite past times, writing and D&D. Unfortunately the D&D is by myself so I can’t blame anyone else for my terrible rolls. But for the most part, I am enjoying these. There have been a few technical issues here and there but for the most part, it has been pretty good.

I just wish I had more people watching the stream which I usually do during the weekends whenever I find the time. I'll post the link below so feel free to jump on at any time and become a part of my adventure. Maybe you can shout out ideas, or even play as some of the characters, would like to experiment with this some time and challenge myself as a writer.


Anyway here is the second part of chapter 3, hope you guys enjoy.

“Yes, for now, we need to get some information first—” Aremaya blushed as she looked up to Ellervine, equally red-faced as her hand rested on the unconscious body.

“What’s wrong?” Obsidian said, his gaze bouncing back and forth between the two.

“Our he is a she,” Aremaya said as she inspected the face, feeling the cold exterior of a clay mask, which she slowly pulled away to reveal beautiful crimson features surrounding parted black lips.

“It doesn’t matter let’s wake her up and find out what she has been up to,” Obsidian said as he picked up the young Hobgoblin and placed her against a tree. He then pulled out a few feet of hempen rope and tied it around the woman, holding her in place.

“You know I can heal her right,” Ellervine picked herself up before placing a hand on her hip.

“Don’t waste your spells,” Obsidian said as he took a seat against a nearby tree facing the unconscious woman tilting over her bindings.

“True,” Aremaya said as she found her own tree to sit next to.

The trio enjoyed a few minutes of peace. Aremaya inspecting her wounds by rubbing some ointment over her skin, while Obsidian inspected his crossbow adjusting the spring inside as he played with the trigger. Ellervine was the only one actually keeping an eye on the unconscious woman, most out of concern as the Hobgoblin let out a series of stifled snore.

Then with one last gasp, the Hobgoblin slowly lifted up her head to face the group, her eyes scanning from left to right, starting with Obsidian before ending on Aremaya locking eyes with her.

“Looks like she is awake,” Ellervine said as she helped Aremaya up before making their way to the Hobgoblin, shouting in a strange dialect mixed with growls and hisses. But Aremaya simply hissed back surprising the hobgoblin who fell into silence.

“What did she say?” Ellervine said looking at the woman next to her.

“Mostly swear words, aimed at you two,” Aremaya said as she watched Obsidian make his way forward with a notched crossbow.

“Well ask her some question then since clearly, she can’t speak common,” Obsidian said.

“Like what?” Aremaya said.

“Ask her why she is here?” Ellervine said which Aremaya translated to the Hobgoblin with gentle hisses and growls. The bound woman scanned her surrounding once again before answering with a whisper.

“We are on our way to Starvalas,” the Hobgoblin said in common.

“Hey she can speak common,” Obsidian said as he aimed the crossbow at the woman’s head. “Now, why are you stealing from the nearby farms?”

“We aren’t, we aren’t stealing anything,” the Hobgoblin shrieked as she tried to back away.

“Good, now we know that there are more of you,” Obsidian said.

“If you’re not stealing from the nearby farm then who is?” Ellervine said as she knelt down to face the woman.

“That’s what we have been trying to find out,” the Hobgoblin said.

“Who hired you?” Obsidian said putting away his crossbow.

“A man from the South hired us to inspect the forest after some of his livestock went missing?”

“So it’s the same in the North as well,” Aremaya said.

“Must be an organized group if they are able willing to steal from Starvalas and Ashraya,” Ellervine said.

“They don’t need to be organized,” Obsidian said as he made his way around the tree to untie the rope. Once the bindings came loose, Ellervine and Aremaya helped the woman up to her feet.

“We’re not that far from the edge of the forest so I suggest you head North and wait for us as we try to find the source.”

“But I can help.”

“No you can’t, you’re very badly injured,” Ellervine said.

“She’s right, go back,” Obsidian said as he made his way forward, disappearing into the forest. The Hobgoblin eyes widened at what she assumed was a strange display of magic, as the man disappeared into the darkness.

“Ok,” the hobgoblin sighed, coming to terms with the difference in power levels between them. So with one final bow, she turned around and made her way North following the group’s previous tracks.

“She was cute,” Aremaya said tilting her head to get a better look at the woman walking away.

“Oh shut up,” Ellervine said as she followed after Obsidian, unsure if she was actually following him.

The two once again made their way through the forest, weaving through the various tree blocking their path. The foliage created a dark pattern of browns and greens, almost hypnotising them and they continued forward, wondering if they were on the right track or not.

Then a growl forced them to pause. The duo quickly scanning their surrounding trying to find the source. Which luckily for them they managed to see through the pattern and towards the large brown bear coming into view.

Aremaya charged forward, pulling out a javelin from her back. However, in the process, she didn’t notice the tree root sticking out of the ground catching her foot and bringing her down to the ground with a thud.

Ellervine held back a laugh as she made her way to the west, hoping to get the bear’s attention away from Aremaya. Then with a raised hand, she pointed her finger at the bear sending a molten spear of flames at the beast. But the attack merely glanced over his back slightly singing his fur.

The bear sneered at the woman coming into view until a crossbow bolt embedded itself into his eye causing him to roar in pain. The bear scanned the forest with his remaining eye, catching the cause of the pain trying to hide behind a tree. Yet with Ellervine out in the open, he charged forward ready to strike with his claws.

The attack swipes across Ellervine’s chest, creating three large marks spewing out blood. She stumbles back from the bear’s attack, luckily avoiding the bite as the gnashing teeth appearing only inches in front of her face.

Aremaya picks herself up and with a battle cry charged forward, dropping the javelin as she unsheathed her longsword. She then made her way around to flank the bear, with sword raised ready to strike. The first one carving a line across the bear’s back, then the second embedding itself into the side of his rear leg.

The bear roared out in pain but remained focused on Ellervine as she healed herself with divine energy, almost closing the wounds up in the process. But as the healing light dimmed down into a dull glow the face of the snarling bear reappeared, revealing that the imminent danger was still there.

The bear growled, ignoring the crossbow bolt embedding his other leg as he lunged forward. Yet with both of his legs incapacitated the bear collapsed right in front of the Ellervine, skidding to a halt at her feet.

Aremaya used the opportunity to climb up onto the bear, pulling out her longsword along the way before embedding it into the back of the bear’s head. Then with a strange emerald hue, the sword was pushed out, causing Aremaya to topple forward as the bear changed form to reveal a beautiful elven woman.

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