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OneShot Session 4 Part 1: Heart

Hey guys welcome back to OneShot a solo D&D storytelling adventure, where I write down the actions of my characters as if I was writing a novel. I always wanted to write a novel, in fact, I'm currently writing one at the moment or should I say editing.

However editing is no fun, so I use this to both practise and have fun just messing around and create interesting story ideas. The story cubes have been a huge success, and I recommend everyone want to start writing to buy a few.

Now I must warn you these are not going to help improve your writing, clearly, I am a prime example. But these are great for quickly pumping out ideas and I think that is one of the main reasons why Writer's block happens. it's not that we''ve run out of ideas it's just that we can't sort them out and process them properly.

The cube in a weird way help with the processing by not processing if that makes sense. You lose your control of the situation and let a couple of dice do the job for you so you can focus on writing and that's what I think a lot of writers suffer from when they complain about Writer's Block.

Anyway, I think I've said enough here is the first part of the fourth chapter I hope you all enjoy.

Chapter 4 – Heart

Old lock on an Apple tree

Loth is looking for information(researcher)

“Could you get off me please,” the Elven woman said as she turned her head to get a better look at Aremaya seated on top of her.

“No, I’m actually enjoying myself,” Aremaya said as she pinned the woman to the ground. “Now why did you attack us?”

“Technically, you attacked first,” the Elven woman mumbled into the ground.

“That is true,” Ellervine said inspecting the scars on her chest before glancing down at the woman who caused them.

“Sorry, but it was in self-defence.”

“We don’t have time for this,” Obsidian said as he made his way to the group while inspecting the pale moonlight peeking out from the dark foliage above. “Are you the one behind the recent thief?”

“No…” the Elven woman trailed off trying to avoid Obsidian’s gaze.

“Guess we found our culprit,” Obsidian said as he pulled out a few feet of rope.

“Wait, wait it wasn’t me it was…” the Elven woman trailed off as Aremaya helped her up to her feet while still holding her arms behind her back.

“Go on,” Ellervine said as she came into view.

“Ok, if you look through my pockets you will find something interesting,” the Elven woman said mostly at Ellervine.

“If you insist,” Aremaya said.

“No, I’ll do it,” Ellervine said as she stepped forward, inspect the Elven woman in all her glory, as golden hair weaved around elegant features such as emerald eyes, pointed ears, a small button nose, and pink lips held in a pout. Before coming to rest around a leather armour breastplate decorated with a strange assortment of flowers.

Ellervine stepped forward and placed her hands into the grooves of the armour, removing the content within. Such as a small leather pouch containing some coins and a few gems, along with a spell scroll and a small metal badge made out of white gold stitching into black wood.

“So you are a part of the Starvalas Military,” Obsidian said, snatching the badge out of Ellervine’s grasp.

“Yes, I assume you’ve seen one of those before.”

“Yes many years ago.”

“Wait she is a part of the Starvalas Military?” Ellervine said snatching the badge back from Obsidian.

“Yes, how do you not know that?” Obsidian said.

“A better question would be why is the Starvalas military stealing from the nearby farms?” Aremaya said releasing her hold of the woman.

“That is a good question Aremaya,” Obsidian said as he raised his crossbow.

“Ok, ok this does seem a little suspicious,” the Elven woman said slowly backing away from the trio.

“Yes, especially in a demilitarized zone,” Obsidian said as he followed closely behind.

“Demilitarized zone?” Ellervine said.

“Since the forest is on the border of Ashraya and Starvalas, as well as the Heart of Gothrasea the two nations agreed to share the forest, or so we thought.”

“Yes that is true,” the Elven woman beamed, happy to find someone that knew their history. “The thing is we’re working together with the Ashrayan Military on a secret mission.”

“Secret mission?” Obsidian said holding the crossbow to the woman’s head. He then peeked around the side of the weapon with a smile and another question. “What is your daughter’s name?”

“Gaila,” the Elven woman smiled back as Obsidian lowered his crossbow.

“Wait what just happened?” Aremaya said, her gaze bouncing back between the two.

“It’s an old military code between our two nations in case we needed to work together on missions,” Obsidian said as he put away his crossbow, placing it on his side. “The code was when asked what we would name our sons or daughters we would name them after the enemies moon.”

“Ah I get it,” Ellervine said. “So someone from Starvalas would name their child Gaila.”

“And someone from Ashraya would name their child Zin,” Aremaya said clapping her hands together.

“Correct,” Obsidian said. “But that doesn’t explain why you are stealing from the nearby farms.”

“Since you are a part of the military I’ll give you some information,” the elven woman as she dusted off the dirt from her leather armour. “We found something strange in the woods and rather than keep the information to ourselves we shared it with the Ashrayans and have formed a joint operation to investigate.”

“I assume that you would need to be covert about this mission due to your alliances with other nations?” Obsidian said as he picked up the woman’s belongings.

“Yes,” The woman said as she appeared in front of Obsidian, a little too close to the scowls from Ellervine and Aremaya. “If the other nations found out about our little operation then they would a piece of the action, so we had to do this in secret and so while the Starvalans could survive without meat, the Ashrayans, unfortunately, could not.”

“So you were foraging just now,” Ellervine said.

“Correct,” the Elven woman said still keeping her eyes on Obsidian.

“What is the secret?” Aremaya said stepping in between Obsidian and the Elven woman.

“Better yet what is your name?” Obsidian said.

“My name is Loth,” the Elven woman said with a series of blinks at Obsidian, even though Aremaya was still in the way. “What’s your name?”

“He’s Obsidian and my name is Aremaya,” the Teifling said forcing Loth to lock eyes with her.

Uh um,” Ellervine coughed.

“Oh and this is Ellervine,” Aremaya said.

“Nice to meet you,” Ellervine bowed, forcing Loth to bow back. “So what do we do now?”

“Well I want to go see this secret,” Aremaya said.

“Sorry, if I let any insiders in they would kill me.”

“That is true, it is a secret mission, but I also want to see this secret,” Obsidian said.

“Ok if you want I can show you,” Loth said through another series of blinks as if the action forced her to forget her own warning.

“Great,” Ellervine rolled her eyes. “Let’s go.”

“Before that, Loth do you have any healing abilities to help my friend here,” Obsidian said to the surprise of both Ellervine and Loth. But with a subtle nod from Loth, she turned and made her way to Ellervine taking a cautious step back.

“Sorry about what I did,” Loth said with a wave of her hand, sending out a spark of green energy. the Emerald streak coursed through Ellervine’s body and towards her wounds, magically stitching the scars together.

“Now let’s go,” Loth said as she grabbed Obsidian’s hand and dragged him through the forest. While Aremaya and Ellervine followed behind, Ellervine a little slower than the others as tried to hide the blush aimed at Obsidian.

“I’m not actually a solider,” Loth said interrupting Ellervine’s emotions by hugging Obsidian’s arm. “I’m one of the researchers tasked with uncovering what is behind the gate?”

“Gate?” Aremaya sighed. “Is that the secret, a gate?”

“It’s not just any gate,” Loth sighed before returning to Obsidian with another smile. “In fact, we’re not sure if it is a gate, to begin with, all we know is that there is a lock, we just need to find a key.”

“Wait how can you be unsure if it is a gate or not?” Ellervine said shaking off the last of her rosy cheeks.

“Well, this lock is embedded into the centre of a giant apple tree?”

“Is the lock magical?” Obsidian said.

“Yes very, that’s why we haven’t been able to open it yet?” Loth said.

“Now I want to see this even more,” Aremaya said

“It’s just over her—” Loth paused as the sounds of battle echoed out in front of them, forcing the four to pause as well.

“Do you have training sessions during this time?” Obsidian whispered as he tried to peer through the trees to get a better look.

“No,” Loth said as she followed closely behind.

“Guys get ready,” Obsidian said as he took out his crossbow and made his way to the edge of the forest coming into view. Until one last step revealed the entrance to a small cave surround by battle as members of the Starvalas and Ashraya Military fought against a series of Hobgoblins.

“How dare you steal from the poor farmers,” one of the Hobgoblins shouted as his sword slammed against an Ashrayan shield.

“How did you find us?” a Starvalan soldier shouted at another Hobgoblin charging forward and into his spear, impaling himself in the process.

“That doesn’t matter, you will be brought to justice,” another Hobgoblin said as he raised his hands and shot a shimmering emerald arrow which hissed through the air and into the cave, narrowly avoiding one of the soldiers.

“Justice, my arse,” one of the Ashrayans said as she raised a hand of her own sending out a small ball of flames which arched over her fallen companions and in between the remaining Hobgoblins.

“Please stop fighting all of you,” Ellervine said as she stepped out of the forest and into view of the two sides. But her words quickly fell on deaf ears as the two sides returned to their original targets.

“Fight now talk later, Ellervine,” Aremaya said as she took out a javelin and threw it at one of the Hobgoblins. The spear soared through the air and into her target, piercing his shoulder while the momentum forced him into the ground.

“She’s right,” Obsidian said as he aimed his crossbow at the remaining Hobgoblin. The bolt flew through the air and into the Hobgoblin’s leg, bringing him down with a skid across the worn-out earth.

“Rinan, what happened?” Loth said.

“Loth, where have yo…” the small dwarf in red and gold armour looked past the girl to the strange group of outsiders. “Loth, did you bring them here?”

“Rinan I had no choice,” Loth said as she looked past Rinan to her commanding officer, dead on the ground.

“I knew we couldn’t trust the Starvalas,” Rinan spat as he raised his axe at the woman, striking across her stomach twice in quick succession.

“Stupid Ashrayans,” Ellervine said as she raised her hand to Rinan sending out a bolt of flames into the dwarf’s chest, exploding upon impact as it coated him in dancing flames. Which he tried to pat out only to eventually be consumed by the fire.

“Geez Ellervine didn’t know you were a racist,” Aremaya said as she helped pat out the remaining flames.

“Don’t worry I would have done the same thing,” Obsidian said as he made his way out of the thicket with crossbow raised, aiming it at the two at the entrance of the cave. “Now I don’t want any more bloodshed tonight so lower your weapons.”

“Betrayer,” the Ashrayan soldier scowled as a surge of electricity danced across his body and out towards the Starvalan soldier next to him. But with a simple click from Obsidian’s crossbow, a silver bolt embedded the soldier’s hand, pinning him to the cave wall along with the help of the Starvalan soldier.

“Sorry I got a bit flustered that’s all,” Ellervine said as she felt a hand rest on her shoulders, forcing her to turn and see Loth give her a genuine smile.

“Thank you,” Loth said.